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"Plants, Tiles and Compact Living Spaces" What's the connection?

Posted on August 12, 2019 at 4:10 AM

As our society strives to cope with continuing, rapid population growth within centralised hubs, town planners are looking to addressing this increasing accommodation capacity issue by introducing more compact living spaces.

An adverse consequence of this scenario is the concerning trend of severely limiting, or even worse, completely excluding natural green environments from those compact living spaces.


However, we are also constantly being reminded that our natural green environment has many positive and intrinsic benefits for our general well-being and health.


Consequently, how do we continue to access those benefits in this compact living spaces trend?


It was this question which drove Franc and Jenny Coonan to apply innovations from their considerable expertise and experience in turf farming to resolve.


Their creative thinking spawned a unique and clever “plant in a tile” concept, appropriately named “Plant Tiles” and physically manifested in the form of a minimum growth, low maintenance, highly robust, ground cover type product which is easy to transport and can be propagated with minimal effort to “Create Instant Green” environments.


The simple genius of “Plant Tiles” lies in its incredibly flexible capacity to “Create Instant Green” environments in practically any compact living space and the user’s imagination seems to be the only limit to its application for that purpose.


The demand for “Plant Tiles” since initially being introduced to the market in mid-2016 is continuing to escalate at such an extent that it is carving its own niche in the garden industry sector.


So, there it is, the connection between “Plants, Tiles and Compact Living Spaces”.


To find out more about this fantastic “Plant Tiles” product and perhaps then use it to “Create Instant Green” in both your client’s and your own compact living spaces, please access the “Plant Tiles Australia” website using the following link –


Plant Tiles Australia - The Professional Landscapers' Secret


In closing, it should be clearly noted that Franc and Jenny Coonan are not “Greenies” per se and therefore do not actively promote or represent any such organisations or their respective agendas in any way, but rather they are just great people who have a wonderful passion to help “Create Instant Green” environments for everyone to benefit and enjoy. 

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